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From the archive! Hjorthägn in the latest issue of Tidskriften Rum.


Skellefteå resecentrum! Our competition proposal ’Välkommen hem’ together with Urban Minds, Land Arkitektur and Tyréns. Learn more about our proposal here.


Kv Jublet in Kalmar is nominated for 'Allmännyttans bästa bygge 2024'! Read more about the nominees here.


Therefore, Stockholm Central needs to be developed! Jernhusen and Trafikverket have created a film that tells more about the background of why a development of Stockholm Central Station is necessary to meet the needs of the future. Watch the video here.


Extension building with a light veranda character! Thank you Johan Fowelin for beautiful photographs. Learn more about the project here.


Site visit! Kv Jungfrun, a cultural-historical building in Norrköping, is currently undergoing an exciting refurbishment and transformation. From ganary to office and co-work. Exciting to see the project take shape!


Villa Johard now on our website. Read more about the project here.


Our competition proposal for Luna in Södertälje! Thank you Karavan Landskapsarkitekter, TAM Group & PZ Konstruktion for a great collaboration. Congratulations on winning the competition, C.F. Møller. Best of luck as you continue to develop the Luna District.


Sign up for the lunch seminar today about Guldstolen here! We will tell more about our project Kvarter Jakob Mindre which is one of the nominees this year. Photo Jäger Arén.


In a report on P4 Örebro, we share more about our new proposal for the Kornboden block in Örebro. Architecturally, the building aims to serve as a link to the former 1850s structure that has burned down, while also concluding the neighborhood within the scale permitted by the current city plan from 1884. Listen [here].


Nyckelviksskolan published on Archdaily! Read here.


"Designing architecture and living environments that give back to the place!"
Last week, ArkDes released the report 'Sustainability, quality, and economics' as part of the annual follow-up of Politik för Gestaltad Livsmiljö. We are very happy to be part of this ambitious report. Read it here.


We are really happy to announce that Kv Jakob Mindre is a nominee for Guldstolen 2023!

From the jury’s motivation ”The interior takes its starting point from the existing. The two atriums now share a common hub; entrance and lounge at the bottom, open at the top. The green wall extends along the four floors. Two bridges with wooden interiors connect the upper floors. The exteriors are mirror-like and create a visual illusion where the volumes are emphasized without dominating. It’s ingenious, skillful, and adds excitement. The project is based on close collaboration between the interior designer and architect, who together have created a cohesive whole. Beautifully executed, the interior is elevated to a higher level here.”

Many thanks to Axfast, Boston Consulting Group, Anderwald Studio and everyone else involved in the project. Photo Johan Fowelin.


Hantverkshuset in Nacka is now out for public consultation! A residential project on behalf of Genova and together with Land Arkitektur. Learn more here.


Kv Flustret in Uppsala is now in public consultation! Today, you can also find Katarina Grundsell, Louise Masreliez, and Linda Björn at #Fastighetsmarknadsdagen in Uppsala if you want to learn more about the project.


Lunch lecture at the office! Thanks to Erik Stenberg for an informative and exciting presentation on 'Flexible Buildings and Concrete Reuse.'


Kungsparken care home is nominated for 'Årets Bygge 2024'! The detailing of the facade pattern draws inspiration from the characteristic brick and plaster facade of the neighbouring building, Skofabriken/the Shoe Factory. Together with Länsgården Fastigheter, OBK Sverige and SP Landskapsbyrå. See all nominees here.


New year and a new group photo! We are back and look forward to a year of exciting projects and collaborations. #teammarge


To add architecture. Interview with Pye Aurell Ehrström about Marge Arkitekter and H-building in the latest issue of magazine Lera!


__Västerås City Library (Children’s Department) is nominated for the ’Architecture Prize in Västmanland 2024’! __From the jury motivation
”With inspiration from the building’s history, the interior designers have decorated the children’s department with textiles, materials, color scheme and site-built furniture and created a magical fairytale forest that awakens a desire to read and stimulates the imagination of both young and old. An accessible and welcoming environment – ​​well worth an architecture award.” Read more here.


New photos of Nyckelviksskolan! Thank you Johan Fowelin.


Föreläsning på Konstakademien genom Stockholms Arkitektförening imorgon 7/12. Tema: Arkitektonisk verkshöjd i det brukarnära! Louise Masreliez, Susanne Ramel och Linda Björn kommer prata mer om Marges arbetsmetod och ställningstagande kopplat till det brukarnära. Som exempel presenteras vård- och omsorgsboendeprojekt i Örebro län, förskolan Kvarnkullen och nyligen färdigställda Nyckelviksskolans tillbyggnad på Lidingö.


Site model making in the office! Project Kv Flustret on behalf of Jolin Fastigheter.


Don't miss tomorrow's talk about the aesthetics of re-use and the post-industrial heritage. Through Sveriges Arkitekter Skåne, we look forward to give a perspective on the subject with Hanne Birk from Varvsstaden and explore the opportunities and difficulties we have faced in the project 'Lund University's Art Campus' within the topic. No pre-registration required - welcome! More info here.


Kungsparken care home won Vårdbyggnadspriset 2023 in the category 'Room for care'. We are so happy and proud. Many thanks to Forum Vårdbyggnad. Many thanks to Länsgården fastigheter, Kumla kommun, SP Landskapsarkitekter och OBK Sverige for a good collaboration.


Green Roof Park with a View of Stockholm! The project we have designed together with Karavan Landskapsarkitekter is completed. Thank you Johan Fowelin for beautiful photos. Read more about the project here.


Kungsparken is a finalist in Vårdbyggnadspriset 2023! The nominee has an exciting situation plan and fantastic empathy with high ambitions from the client, architect and operator. The site calls for a expressive but clear building and it has got that, with beautiful materials that interacts with the adjacent shoe factory; the brick's masonry pattern and decor take inspiration from slippers made in the factory. The same pattern is taken up in the details of the interior with great care and consistency. The apartments are functional with views and in Kungsparken there is closeness to community, privacy and the opportunity to stay outdoors. An accommodation that is well thought out from the first detail to the last solution." Read more here.


New images of Kv Jublet - housing with a local touch in Kalmar!
Learn more about the project here.
Thank you Johan Fowelin for the photograps! On behalf of Grenåli-Gruppen.


Susanne on the latest episode of the podcast Architecture Talks!
Listen to the episode here.


Marge på studieresa!
Vi började med att besöka två av våra nyligen färdigställda vård- och omsorgsboenden i Hallsberg och Kumla. Sedan fortsatte vi mot ett soligt Oslo och såg många fina byggnader och ombyggnadsprojekt, vackra skulpturer, en opera och mycket annat inspirerande.


Projects Wåhlin and Deas are both nominated for 'Sveriges Snyggaste Kontor'. Vote on your favourite here. On behalf of Wåhlin Advokater och Deas Asset Management. Photo Johan Fowelin.


This weekend it is time for the architecture festival which offers guided tours of buildings and places in Stockholm. Together with Vasakronan and Nyckelviksskolan, we will tell you more about the projects Sergelpaviljongen and the recently completed extension building to Nyckelviksskolan. More info here.


Sergelhuset has been longlisted for the @dezeen awards 2023 in the category “mixed-use projects”.
"In our proposal to redesign the complex, we emphasize visual connectivity and a differentiated program, a mix of housing, retail, restaurants and offices, in an effort to turn today's anonymous Malmskillnadsgatan into an inviting street for the city's residents and visitors."

More info through here.


September sun in our office!


From Arkitekturdagen 2023 with Kattis and Erik! Watch the whole lecture about Varvsstaden, "the post-industrial heritage" and re-use here.


New interiors for DEAS! The 300 m² DEAS offices are located in the third high rise building Hötorgsskrapan designed by Sven Markelius. The carpets’ specially designed pattern reflects the facades of the adjacent skyscraper with a lively grid pattern of various, intertwined colors. Learn more about the project here. Photo Johan Fowelin.


Arkitekurdagen 2023 will take place in Malmö at Form/Design Center next Tuesday 5/9. Katarina and Erik, who lead the architectural work on the new campus in Varvsstaden will be present to discuss more about the topic "post-industrial heritage." This year's program here.

Hope to see you there. Photo Hedda Rabe.


How is the designed environment in care homes used and experienced in relation to the architects original intentions? We are very happy that we can delve into this question among other relevant ones, because we have been granted research funds from ARQ forskning. Above recent images of our project ’the Gardens care home’ which was completed in 2018.


Learn more about our projects the Pavilion, Naturum Trollskogen, Strömkajen and Hjorthägn!

As part of the installation ’Arbete Pågår’ at Arkdes, co-founders Katarina and Pye tell more about the architectural process behind the projects - with the physical model as an important tool. The exhibition is open until 27th of August. Have a visit! Production ArkDes och Ferhango Film & Arts


We came back to the office and our material library looked like this!


Villa Hedberg featured the book Inside Nordic Homes - Inspiring Scandinavian Living! What an honour! Now we are checking out for some vacation and wish you all a lovely summer. Thank you to all collegues, clients and collaborators for an exciting spring. We will see you soon again!


New photos of project Wåhlin Law! Thank you Johan Fowelin


Site visit with the office! Our refurbishment and transformation project of Kv Jakob Mindre, a blue- and green-classified building next to Gustav Adolfs Torg, will soon be completed! Always exciting and stimulating to visit a project that so many of us have worked on. More information about the project is coming soon, stay tuned! On behalf of Axfast.


It is very gratifying for us to read about how the Pavilion has been highlighted in Sveriges Arkitekter's post here. We are very proud and happy that our original intentions and visions with the project have been noticed in this way.


We have been granted research funding from Arkus! The designed living environment in care homes has always been of great interest to us. We are very excited and find it important that we now have the opportunity to develop the concept of quality within these environments from an architectural perspective, in collaboration with Lena Rosenberg (Professor of Occupational Therapy, Jönköping University) and other healthcare researchers.


Join us at Arkdes this Sunday! Between 1-2pm, Pye Aurell Ehrström and Katarina Grundsell will lead a tour where they share the process behind the Strömkajen terminal buildings - from idea and model to finished structure. The tour starts in the exhibition hall at Boxen and continues with a walk in the sun down to the completed terminal buildings. At the same time, the museum's new installation "Arbete Pågår" shows some of our other projects, such as Sergelpaviljongen, Naturum Trollskogen and Hjorthägn. We hope to see you there!

More information about the tour and installation here.


New images of Kv Flustret!
In 2013, we won the competition to design a new hotel destination in the area between Svandammen and Stadsträdgården in Uppsala - together with Karavan Landskap. A key idea was to create a new safe entrance to the city park.

On behalf of Magnus Björkegren and Jolinfastigheter
Images in collaboration with Visulent


Återbrukade offsetplåtar blir fasadmaterial i Vegastadens kvarter 7!
Tidigt i processen inleddes ett samarbete med Stena Recycling för att hitta möjligheter att återanvända något av de material de hanterar. Vi ville undersöka om vi kunde skapa något nytt av en metallprodukt som tagit slut och bedömts som skrot. Det mynnade ut i att delar av fasaden består av återbrukade offset-plåtar, aluminiumplåtar som använts för att trycka tidningar och reklam. De delar av fasaden som inte är av återbrukad plåt består av återvunnen blank aluminiumplåt och för att väva ihop dessa får plåtarna samma sinusformade yta. Trycket på offsetplåtarna, i nyanser som rör sig mellan rött och blått, ligger kvar på plåten och blir en tydlig visuell berättelse om dess förgångna och intentionen om en mer hållbar hantering av jordens resurser. Ovan bild från projektgruppens platsbesök!

Läs gärna mer om projektet i denna artikel eller på vår hemsida här.
På uppdrag av Stena Fastigheter. I samarbete med Stena Recycling AB och plåtkonsult Stefan Lardner


Kv Drevkarlen 9 is nominated for Årets Stockholmsbyggnad / Stockholm's Building of the Year! That our refurbishment project has been noticed by the jury makes us both very happy and proud. Feel free to vote for the project here.
"En robust och flexibel byggnad som visar på möjligheten att återanvända byggnader över tid. Med små medel har äldreboendet fått tillbaka sitt ursprungliga yttre samtidigt som närmiljön utomhus har utvecklat. Ett bra exempel på hur renovering av byggnader kan bidra med utvecklade funktioner som alternativ till rivningar och nyproduktion."


Kv Drevkarlen is nominated for ROT-priset 2023 and we are really proud that the project is competing for the prize of Stockholm's best refurbishment. Thank you to Stockholms Byggmästarförening. Read more about the nominees here.

On behalf of Micasa Fastigheter and Byggpartner.


Full spead ahead in project Varvsstaden! Above one of our early vision sketches. Learn more about the project and see more vision sketches here.


New images of Västerås City Library - Children's Department!
Above you see bespoke joinery with crawl-in for play and curved bookshelves that create room formations in the library. Material choices have included boards made from recycled waste, solid cork and plywood. More about the project here.
Photo Johan Fowelin. On behalf of Västerås stad.


Hemma hos Marge / At Marge!
We are really happy to be able to hold an inspiring series of lectures in our office this year. Thanks to Dan Hallemar and Veronica Hejdelind, who lectured on their study of "gemensamhetslokaler" - Dela Rum. Also big thanks to everyone who came to listen.


We are happy to announce that we will design a new school in Lövsta together with Wi Landskap. Lovely project start with sun and snow! On behalf of Östersunds kommun.


On site visiting Nyckelviksskolan! The extension building which we have designed will primarily house the ceramic and sculpture workshops. Here you can see the visible wooden beams in the ceiling.


Interview with co-founder Susanne Ramel about current trends in Swedish architecture, Marge Arkitekter and project Centralstaden. Thank you Architektur Aktuell!


New images of project Babyland! Learn more about the project here.


We are so looking forward to officially move into our new office space very soon! In the meantime - a picture from the process.


A conceptual sketch of our new office space.


Bye Repslagargatan! Next year you will find us att Kungsholmstorg 16. See you there!


"Villa Hedberg combines privacy, security and Swedish summer fun."
‎Thank you Riba Journal for the article!


We are so happy that Gullvivan Trapphus is nominated for Örebro's Byggnadspris 2022! Read more about the nominees here. Photo Johan Fowelin.


Smedsgården Care Home in the latest issue of Tidskriften Arkitektur.


We feel honoured to draw the interior in the entrance to Sveriges Museum om Förintelsen (the Swedish Museum of The Holocaust). Read more about the museum here.


Marge ♡ Interior
We have always liked to work with the smaller scale and close to the materials. Here are a couple of our interior projects through the years.


Tomorrow the urban development work of Sundbyberg's new city center will be presented at Konstakademien. We have been involved in developing the proposal for the new station building. Come and listen, we will! Lecture here.


Reminiscing about Villa Trångsund from 2008. This two-story brick house from the 60s was transformed into a generous villa through a few large but simple interventions. In the roof of the ground floor and in the façade, the volume and expression of the old house can still be read. The original brick façade is complemented with leca masonry which adds a different scale to the building and the old window openings are bricked in. All coated in a gray-black paint. Learn more about the project here.


So exciting that we are part of developing a hotel on top of Slussen's subway station together with Centria! Read more here.


We think it is very exciting that Villa Sjöberg will be featured in the TV show Grand Designs - House of the Year. Watch the episode "old becomes new" on Thursday here.


Welcome to Open House Stockholm! This weekend we will, together with Vasakronan and Akademiska Hus, offer guided tours of projects Sergelpaviljongen och Kräftriket. No pre-registration required - hope to see you there! More info here.


This year Marge was turning 20 and last Friday we got the chance to celebrate this in our soon to be new office space (under construction). Thank you so much to everyone who came to talk, laugh and dance with us. It was magical!


Cylinder i glas och trä! I en kulturhistoriskt klassad fabriksbyggnad från 1914 inhyses nu ett coworking space. Vårt uppdrag att rita en tillbyggnad i form av en värdig entré som lämpar sig för den nuvarande verksamheten och som kopplar till husets alla våningar, har precis färdigställts. Läs gärna mer om projektet här.


Sergelhuset in the latest issue of Tidskriften Arkitektur! Read more here.


Från spannmålsmagasin till flexibla arbetsplatser!
Vi tycker det är väldigt spännande att vi får arbeta med ombyggnationen av Andreas kvarn i kvarteret Jungfrun 3 i Norrköping. Läs gärna mer om projektet här.


A new layer for Nyckelviksskolan. Learn more about the project here.


New images of Kv Drevkarlen 9! Read more about the project here.


The Gardens published on Archdaily! With that we are checking out for a bit of summer break & wish you all a lovely summer. Thank you to all collegues, clients and collaborators for an exciting spring. See you soon again!


We are very happy that S-huset is nominated for Stenpriset 2022! Thank you to Sveriges Stenindustriförbund and read more about the nominees in the lates issue of the Magazine Sten here.


We are very involved & interested in how care homes are designed. Here comes three of our projects: Trädgårdarna, Askersund & Norra Vram.


We like to work in alla scales - read more about Uppsala City Library Children's Department here. Photo Johan Fowelin


Exciting workshop week done! We are developing project Centralstaden. Image from competition phase.


Radikal & Resilient! Vi har tillsammans med Ramboll tagit fram en Vision (i Norr) för Umeå kommun. Läs gärna mer om vår idéskiss här.


Kv Skogskarlen in the cultural heritage of Nationalstadsparken, Stockholm. Learn more about our proposal for this new senior housing project here.


We like to draw preschools and think environments for children are very important. Therefore, it is extra exciting that two of our preschools, Kungsängen Tibble & Kvarnkullen, are finalists in Architizer A+Awards - category Kindergartens.


A throwback to the staircase in Villa J, from 2010.


We are so happy that Kvarnkullen preschool is one of four nominated for the Building of the Year 2022! Please vote if you like the project here.

Together with Sundbybergs stad and landscape architects Tengbom & Liljewall.


We like stairs! Especially when they are in the sun, public and you can sit on them. We call them "soltrappor" / "sun stairs". Happy Easter!


A new campus for Lunds University's Faculty of Arts. Together with Varvsstaden and Lunds Universitet. Thank you Hedda Rabe at Restaurera for beautiful photographs.


Villa Hedberg on Archdaily! Read here.


We are really happy and proud to announce that Röda Huset / the Pavilion is a nominee for the Kasper Salin-prize 2021! Many thanks to Vasakronan for your level of ambition and trust, many thanks to everyone who were involved in the project. From the jury's motivation "By adding a different and smaller scale, and making room for new lanes and connections, the red house adds a much-needed node in a part of the city that was previously perceived as uniform and to some extent unsafe." Read more here.


New photos of Uppsala City Library, Children's Department, are soon coming up here on the website. Inspired of scenographic elements. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Marge Arkitekter follows the iniatives from collegues to support Ukraine!
We contribute with 1000kr/employee to UNHCR + additional 1000kr/employee to UNICEF. Children are often extra vulnerable in war and that affects us at Marge a lot. The Akelius foundation doubles all contributions to both UNHCR and UNICEF, so we want to encourage more collegues to do the same.

Read more about UNHCR's work in Ukraine here and see how UNICEF is helping the children here.


Now you can find our project Ljura in the'Wooden Building Map'/Träbyggnadskartan on Woodprint Sverige - a website that highlights larger timber structures in Sweden. So good! Read more about the project or use the map function here. On behalf of Sveriges Träbyggnadskansli. Beställare: Conlega. Photo: Johan Fowelin


Site visit! A new holiday home & boat house are starting to take shape with focus on genuine materials. Recycled slate on the roofs and recycled wood panel are coming up on the facades.


From veterinary clinic to office! Read more about the transformation project Kräftriketet for Akademiska Hus here.


Read more about the lightning under Malmskillnadsbron in Aktuella Byggen here.
In collaboration with Black Ljusdesign, Stockholm Stad och Flux.


Sergelhuset is a nominee for the Archdaily 2022 Building Of The Year Awards - category 'Commercial Architecture'! Please vote here. On behalf of Vasakronan.


Marge turns 20!

Thank you to all clients, partners, employees and all of you who follow our work for fantastic years. Many projects during the years, here are 20 of them. #marge20år


More exciting news this week! We are really proud to be one of the teams selected to create ”Visioner i Norr / Visions in the North” and think new about the sustainable, inclusive and beautiful living environments of the future. We are looking forward to work with Umeå Kommun, Arkdes, Boverket, Riksarkitekten, Formas & Vinova. And not least with our team Marge + Ramboll. Within the Council for Sustainable Cities and New European Bauahaus.